• Join comic book artist’s Dave Beaty (Batman, X-men, Red Skirts) and the Janimal (Timeshark, Dark Meat) as they talk about some of their favorite Retro movies you may not be too familiar with such as Last Starfighter, Darkman, Captain America 2: Death Too Soon, Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four, and many more. How this all lead to the creation of the YouTube show In The Studio: Retro Retrospective. A lively discussion, fun clips from these movies, and Q&A with audience participation encouraged.
  • INKING 101
    • What is “Inking”? What does an “Inker” do? Dave Beaty (Inker / Artist for Batman Inc., Justice League of America, Grifter, Justice League) breaks down and explains one of the most often misunderstood jobs in comic books. Besides being a published Inker for almost every company in the modern comic book industry he had served on the Inkwells(One of the comic book industries most prestigious awards recognizing Inkers ) Nomination Committee for several years. Pros and cons of Traditional and digital tools will be discussed and demonstrated. Question and answer after the presentation.
    • Terror seems like it should preclude amusement. What makes us laugh does not seem like it should be capable of also making us scream. But while seeming attempting to achieve opposite results, comedy and horror are intricately linked. While playing on different emotions, both are devised to generate specific and extreme reactions from their audiences. Two sides of the same coin, humor and horror are strong on their own, but working together, they can create a marriage of unexpected twists and turns. This panel will explore the rise of the horror comedy and address why the combination works and why it sometimes fails.
  • Miniature Model Paint & Take
    • The Game On crew teaches you how to paint a Stormcast Eternal Model! Once you’ve completed painting your model, take it home to enjoy!
  • Light Sword Build & Take (Ticketed event – limited space)
    • Sukey & Eric will teach you how to build and decorate your very own Light Sword (you might even call it a saber…). Limited space available, $10 material fee applies. Tickets can be purchased at the registration desk day of the event.
  • Learn to Play: Magic the Gathering
    • Join the folks from Game On in an introduction to the world’s most popular collectible card game – Magic: the Gathering! Every participant will be given a free deck and then taught how to play!
  • Cartooning for Kids
    • Learn the art of cartooning with Sedona cartoonist and comic book artist The Janimal. Anyone can draw in this fun, family friendly panel.
  • Learn to Make: Origami with Chila
    • The art of folding paper – demystified! Join Chila and learn how to make your own Origami!
  • LARPing 101 – Amtgard
    • What the heck is LARPing? Join the Glass Fjord Highlanders as they guide you through character development and the intricacies of the Amtgard universe. Recommended for everyone wanting an in-depth explanation of the world of roleplaying.
  • Out of the Closet Cosplay
  • Garb ‘n’ Gear – Amtgard
    • Join the Glass Fjord Highlanders again as they delve into the “hows and whys” of foam weapon construction, boffer combat, costume making, and prop building in the Amtgard universe. Recommended for everyone looking to take their roleplaying game to the next level!
  • Learn to Play: Wits & Wagers
    • Team based trivia where you don’t have to know the right answer, just be close enough! We’ll teach you everything you need to know and play a full game!

Special events at Game On:

  • Learn to Play: Dungeons & Dragons
    • The perfect experience for brand new players! Delve into the world of Dungeons & Dragons in a 2 hour adventure. Choose from several characters to play and learn the ins and outs of the greatest Roleplaying Game!
  • Learn to Play: Keyforge
    • Join the folks from Game On in an introduction to KeyForge – the card game where every deck is unique! Every participant will be given a free deck and then taught how to play!

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Amtgard Combat Training

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